Team Building

Team Building: 3 Ways to Bring Team Mentality to your Business

The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don’t play together, the club won’t be worth a dime.
Babe Ruth

team buildingIn the grind of the day to day, we often forget that we are working with (and not against) our coworkers. Heavy competition in sales roles can sometimes get in the way of the bigger picture. It’s important to remember that all of the employees within an organization are working towards the success of the company. Each employee should see the successes of the other employees as a team victory. How do we achieve this mentality? Team building. Here are a few ways to cultivate a team mindset in your organization.

  1. Understand abundance.
    Franklin Covey coined the concept of abundance mentality: an idea that supports abundant success and resources for all. Those that adopt this mentality believe that the success of those around them can enrich their own success. Those that don’t subscribe to this believe have a “scarcity mindset” and feel threatened by the success of others, handicapping their own success. Win-win partnerships and celebrating the success of those around you allow you to learn and succeed.
  2. Take a step back: reevaluate.
    Are you hard on yourself? Do you find that you frequently blame yourself for the outcome of a situation? It may be time to reevaluate the way that you’re assessing your successes and failures. There’s not always a black and white, win or lose. Sometimes knowing that you did everything you could to the best of your ability is just as much of a win. Supporting the smallest wins and successes of those around you (and your own) can help establish a team mentality.
  3. Stop comparing.
    Competition in sales is fierce. When you stop comparing yourself to everyone around you – you can find where the potential for growth lies within you. If you’re continually pushing yourself and those around you to improve, you’ll find ultimate success in your team.

Although a certain amount of competition is necessary to motivate your sales team, it’s important to keep these things in mind and maintain a healthy, friendly competition and team mentality in your sales force and team building exercises. Remember: supportive teammates help each individual find success more easily – benefitting the team as a whole.

To learn more about team building exercises and how to build the team mentality in your organization, contact Executive Coach Heather Christie.


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